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Gaëlle Rolland de Rengervé

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Gaëlle Rolland de Rengervé

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  • Private law
  • Property agent and negotiations
  • Tenancy in common and auctions
  • Commercial law and selling a business
  • Property law
  • Foreclosure and adjudication
  • Wealth
  • Commercial leases


Specialising in property law and wealth management, Gaëlle Rolland de Rengervé practices in the Property, Private and Commercial Departments of the Hyères and Toulon firms. Prior to joining In Extenso Avocats, Gaëlle was a partner at Mauduit Lopasso Goirand et Associés.

Gaëlle has over 18 years’ experience in assisting and advising individuals and companies on real estate issues and property law – from the acquisition or sale of a property and negotiating its price, to its construction and management, up to its amicable or forced sale.

Gaëlle assists and defends clients in property disputes involving servitudes, improving access, boundaries, subdivisions, property development and building expertise, preventative summary proceedings, sales, joint ownership and evictions. She manages her clients’ property assets through the amicable or forced termination of tenancy in common and defends debt collection claims in foreclosure cases.

Gaëlle follows up at each stage when a building is a subject of discussion, so as to prevent a dispute or defend the interests of the individual or business concerned. She acts on behalf of construction companies, real estate professionals, property syndicates, banks, retailors and individuals concerned with managing their assets in the best possible way.


  • English