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Laurène Roux

Lawyer - Hyères-les-Palmiers (Var)

Laurène Roux

Lawyer - Hyères-les-Palmiers (Var)


  • Construction law
  • Joint ownership law
  • Lease law


Laurène Roux practices in the Property Law Department in Hyères. She deals with property disputes, particularly those relating to construction, leases and joint ownerships.

Prior to joining In Extenso Avocats and Mauduit Lopasso et Associés in 2013, Laurène did her internship in the property departments of Degryse, Inglese Marin (Toulon) and Orrick Rambaud-Martel (Paris). She was also a jurist in the legal department of Foncia Jomel (Toulon).

Laurène assists and advises institutional and individual clients in the following fields:

  • Negotiation, drafting and execution of leases: leasing, transformation/release of building premises, vacation, renewal, occupancy indemnities, eviction indemnities, transfer of lease rights, finance leasing and selling a business.
  • Disputes concerning the setting of revised or renewed rent: rent caps, local commercial factors.
  • Disputes concerning construction and warranties (delays, non-conformity, defects).
  • Disputes concerning property sales (promises, cancellation, resolution, defects and latent defects).
  • Disputes relating to the relationship between landlords and tenants (residential and commercial leases, drafting, fixing, review of rents, termination and eviction proceedings).
  • Disputes concerning joint ownership (recoveries, disputes in co-owner meetings, building works on communal and privately-owned areas of buildings).
  • Disputes concerning to easements and neighbourhood relations.


  • English