Liberal professions

Harnessing the experience of its officially qualified lawyers, In Extenso Avocats is the first choice and a key ally for the liberal professions.

Our lawyers offer clients flexible solutions that take into consideration the French law on economic growth, activity and equal opportunities.

Your business needs

Choosing the right company structure in the liberal professions (SARL / SAS / SELAS / SELARL / SPFPL…)

In Extenso Avocats can help you set up your business :

  • Choosing the right company structure (association/French legal form, e.g. SCM, SEL, etc./commercial structure)
  • Implementing a holding structure (e.g. SPFPL, cross holding, etc.)
  • Drafting articles of association and shareholder agreements
  • Integrating future partners and setting their remuneration
  • Examining opportunities for divesting wealth or setting up commodatum (loans for use)
  • Structurally changing the business – the life of the company (entry or exit of shareholders, modification of legal form, etc.)
  • Selling or acquiring corporate rights

Managing your business partner relationships

Our highly experienced teams support clients in managing business partner relationships.

We advise on negotiating shareholder agreements that fully reflect your expectations and interests. We bring our expertise and insight to negotiate sensitive clauses (entry/exit, remuneration, joint exit rights, joint exit obligations, liquidity, vesting, etc.).

The goal is to offer our clients viable solutions for the future, enabling a real consideration of potential partnerships and the associated conditions.

Our litigators can also assist in disputes, defending your interests before the courts.

The life of your company

In Extenso Avocats works closely with other advisors in the network – accountants, mergers and acquisitions specialists, and so on. This synergy means we can take a legal, financial, tax and wealth approach, all the while considering the personal situation of company directors and offering support at all stages of the life of the company – from its creation to its dissolution.

Our teams also advise on issues relating to company transformations, mergers and acquisitions, the universal transfer of assets, and drafting inter-group business agreements.

We also partner business incubators, and have developed a global offer for young entrepreneurs wishing to raising initial funds.

Your criminal liability

The criminal liability of directors is a complex legal matter and can be an obstacle to a company’s development. It also poses a real risk for directors, since they can be fined or even imprisoned, thereby forfeiting their civil and family rights. In Extenso Avocats’ works in the area of criminal liability to help clients confront these risks.

Due to the incredible complexity of business legislation, In Extenso Avocats has set up multidisciplinary teams to respond in a concerted manner to both purely criminal matters and those related to the issue in question, whether it concern tax, social security, commerce, or town and county planning, for example.

Both at the advisory and litigation phase, our lawyers are on hand to offer their support and expertise. Lawsuits are especially complex, and the experience of our teams constitutes a real asset in criminal proceedings.

Manage your private life

In Extenso Avocats can offer valuable support at all major milestones in life – choice of matrimonial regime, separation, inheritance, etc. – thus avoiding the dramatic consequences that can result from poor planning.

This is why we advise our clients to take the best decisions for both themselves and those they wish to protect.

To do so, we have chosen to adopt a multidisciplinary approach, working closely with other professionals such as solicitors, chartered accountants, tax specialists, psychologists, experts, private investigators and wealth management consultants. This means we can offer a broad-based approach that can be adapted to specific situations.

We attempt to promote conciliation and the search for amicable solutions before considering litigation. If no solution is possible, we will tenaciously defend your interests before the courts.

Manage your wealth

Enabling clients to manage their wealth in the best possible way, In Extenso Avocat’s dedicated wealth management team is highly attentive to client needs and meticulously tracks each and every case. Our goal is to enable wealth optimisation and wealth transfer, as effectively as possible.

Whatever your priority, be it protecting your spouse, transferring your business, optimising inheritance tax or providing for your heirs, our lawyers can offer solutions in line with your objectives.

To provide the best service possible, we propose a two-step method:

  • Wealth audit: to assess your current situation and establish an overall inventory of your assets. We pay particular attention to clearly establishing your objectives and priorities.
  • Asset structuring: working closely with you to define your wealth optimisation and / or wealth transfer strategy, which we then endeavour to implement.

Protect your personal wealth

As an entrepreneur, you need to think about protecting yourself. In Extenso Avocats can help by offering the following services specifically for company directors:

  • Wealth auditing: matrimonial regime, legal status of assets, etc.
  • Risk auditing: personal guarantee commitments, risk of individual legal proceedings
  • Implementation of protective measures: potential change in matrimonial regime, dismemberment, transferring a part of your estate, declarations of non-seizability, etc.

Manage your tax audit

Leveraging the experience of its tax lawyers, In Extenso Avocats assists companies at every stage of accounting and tax audits, notably in the presentation of the tax information requested by the authorities and by drafting responses to requests for information.

Where necessary, we can also offer advice on the analysis of tax issues, submit proposals for adjustments and draft replies with regard to adjustments and contentious claims in accordance with the guarantees and rights of defence provided by law, the administrative regime, tax instructions and case law.

Our lawyers can also represent you in appeals and before various tax committees, preparing briefs as necessary. In the event of a dispute, we can also present, in your interest, motions to initiate proceedings and replies and rejoinders before the administrative or civil courts.

Buying or selling your company

In Extenso Avocats can assist at all stages of buying or selling a company, from negotiating the letter of intent and auditing, to preparing contracts and drafting liability guarantee or earn-out clauses.

We can also take charge of legal formalities and escrow issues.

Our lawyers are on hand to advise you on all transaction-related tax issues, both in terms of setting up your business and investing (or reinvesting, if applicable) the proceeds of the sale.

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