SME, SMI & Midmarket companies

Accountants, financial investment advisors, start-up experts…. In Extenso Avocats is the first inter-professional holding company that brings together all its professional advisors under one roof.

This is why our firm is the natural choice for company directors who turn to us for pragmatic advice and innovative solutions.

Your business needs

Buying or selling your company

In Extenso Avocats can assist at all stages of buying or selling a company, from negotiating the letter of intent and auditing, to preparing contracts and drafting liability guarantee or earn-out clauses.

We can also take charge of legal formalities and escrow issues.

Our lawyers are on hand to advise you on all transaction-related tax issues, both in terms of setting up your business and investing (or reinvesting, if applicable) the proceeds of the sale.

Protecting your company (insolvency proceedings)

In Extenso Avocats can help you maintain the financial health of your company by:

  • Detecting any difficulties in real time
  • Auditing off-balance sheet commitments and understanding risk factors
  • Renegotiating bank loans
  • Placing a moratorium on certain debts

If the difficulties persist, we can help you put in place preventative procedures, and – if your company is not yet in a situation of insolvency – in seeking the assistance of the courts:

  • Conciliation
  • Ad-hoc mandate
  • Safeguard procedure

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