Grégory Dubocquet

Partner - Lille

Grégory Dubocquet’s main areas of practice are real estate and construction law, civil and commercial leases as well as personal injury.

He advises and litigates on behalf of clients.

  • Competition - Distribution - Commercial
  • Real Estate and Construction law
  • Personal injury
  • Sports law
  • Commercial leases

His main fields of work:

Commercial leases

Commercial lease audits
Advice and defence of the interests of companies, whether tenants or lessors during:

  • notice with or without a renewal offer
  • renewals – fixing of the renewed rents
  • three-yearly revisions
  • eviction indemnities
  • termination of commercial leases
  • rent disputes
  • protection of receivables (injunctive relief, mortgages…)
  • business transfers
  • breakdown of the costs of works
  • subletting
  • cross leases
  • determination of rental charges
  • drafting leases
  • receivership and liquidation

Construction law including:

  • managing relations with builders (architects, contractors, property developers and individuals)
  • building warranties and insurance
  • house building contracts and their performance
  • property development contracts
  • contracts and commitment agreements with building firms
  • building defects and court-ordered appraisals.

Gregory Dubocquet holds a Master’s degree in the Judicial and Legal Professions.

T.+33(0)3 20 74 60 32


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