Commercial law

Our firm has elected to be multidisciplinary, meaning that we work with a range of commercial law professionals including chartered accountants, tax experts, wealth management advisors and merger and acquisitions specialists. We therefore offer a broad-based approach that can be adapted to each and every company director.

This multi-skilled approach allows our teams to guarantee clients that contracts will be drafted in a serious and efficient manner.

New contract law, increasingly stringent legislative constraints and evolving and rigorous commercial case law now require the ability to combine legal certainty and security with keeping up with the speed at which businesses operate.

In Extenso Avocats represents clients before civil and commercial courts in the event of dispute. Our litigators have significant experience, guaranteeing a fair analysis of the risks and opportunities when the litigation proceedings begin. We use determination and creativity to assist clients until the proceedings are over.

Here again, thorough knowledge of procedural law makes it possible to obtain protective measures (pledges, statements of request, preventive seizures, etc.) and ensure the effective enforcement of the rulings obtained.

Proceedings before the Courts of Appeal are complex, and for this reason are undertaken by a Partner, a former Avoué.

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