Employment law

Our teams provide support in managing changes in the workplace, by providing advice on employment relations (employment contracts, termination of contract and restructuring) and broader social relationships (employee representative bodies, collective bargaining, social audits, social security and director social protection).

In the face of a constantly evolving economic and social environment, our teams furnish support  in matters of collective bargaining with a systemic approach, gaining in-depth understanding of the specific characteristics of an organization through an analysis of its social environment, functions and operations.

In a changing social world, we can also support restructuring and group or company reorganisations.

Regarding social protection and in order to seek to retain employees, we assist in implementing work values and satisfaction at work by proposing profit-sharing and incentive schemes, employee savings plans, supplementary social protection agreements (retirement – life insurance – supplementary health insurance), setting up mediation, and following up cases with the occupational health service.

In addition, and because human resource management can only be effective when it is pro-active, we offer in-depth preventive and compliance audits  to anticipate risks, reduce sources of conflict and have a better control of spending.

We also carry out exhaustive purchaser or vendor due diligence in M&A transactions.


Finally, we can guarantee regular monitoring of developments in the fields of employment law and social protection and a proactive analysis of changes in the law so that the client can take the right decisions and choose the best managerial strategy.

Our assistance in employment, industrial relations and social security litigation

Our lawyers are able to assist and represent claimant or defence interests in litigation before all lower and appellate jurisdictions.

Much more than a network…

In 2023, In Extenso Avocats has 50 employees including 22 associate lawyers and 21 lawyers and lawyers in collaboration who accompany on a daily basis VSEs, SMEs, liberal professions, communities, associations and foundations, executives and individuals in advice and litigation.

Our law firms, multidisciplinary, intervene in social law, tax, business law, real estate, civil law and international law. Some of them have more specific activities in public law, environmental law, insurance law, sports law and hotel-tourism-restaurant law.


Bien plus qu'un réseau de cabinets d'avocats

What makes us different

Multidisciplinary, our network of business law firms is interprofessional. We work in close collaboration with all the expertise present within the In Extenso group which allows our clients to benefit from a single, multi-interlocutor, to support them in their creation projects, development, management or transmission, whatever their sector of activity and the size of their company.

As a human-sized local network, our teams provide advice and litigation to all decision-makers, public authorities and individuals throughout France.

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In Extenso Avocats brings together legal advice experts around common values who help companies (VSE, SME, ETI and large groups), associations, foundations, liberal professions, public authorities and more broadly all decision makers, to secure, manage and optimize their activity. Our lawyers also intervene in litigation to ensure the defense of the interests of their clients before the courts and jurisdictions concerned. Consulting subsidiary of the In Extenso group, French leader in accounting for small businesses and SMEs, In Extenso Avocats is a network of interprofessional business law firms combining legal professionals and professionals of the figure for a 360° support of companies and individuals.

Multidisciplinary, In Extenso Avocats helps its clients, all sectors of activity combined in multiple areas of law such as business law, commercial law, tax law, labour law and social protection, real estate and construction law, urban planning and regional planning law, environmental law, public law, intellectual property law including certified expertise in GDPR, family and heritage law and international law. Our lawyers are also recognized as experts in specific sectors of activity such as hospitality, catering, tourism or sports.

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