Personal Injury

Bodily injury is defined as any injury or injury to the person’s physical integrity, whether due to an accident (traffic accident, medical accident or simple fall) or an assault.

Personal injury may be the subject of compensation from insurance companies (the author or the person who suffered the damage) or guarantee funds, public service agencies that provide compensation to victims whose perpetrator is not identified, uninsured or insolvent.

What steps should I take to be compensated for personal injury?

The first possible step is to negotiate amicably with the perpetrator or the insurance company.
This obviously implies writing to them to explain its claims in terms of compensation for damages. If no amicable agreement is reached, it is possible to pursue the compensation through the courts.

It is also possible to sue civil courts for compensation.
However, if personal injury is the result of a criminal offence, you, as a victim, have the opportunity to become a civil party to claim compensation.

Whether you claim compensation in a civil or criminal court, a judge of the Court of Justice will decide your claims.
In both cases, a medical assessment will likely be required to assess the significance of your injury, which is necessary to determine the amount of compensation.

Why use a lawyer for personal injury?

The damage assessment follows a specific nomenclature, called Dintilhac. This will allow the lawyer to translate the various damage items assessed by the medical expert into the financial amount on which the compensation requested will be based.

In practice, it often happens that the indemnity proposals made by insurance companies are undervalued compared to the commonly applied scales.
It is therefore essential to call on a lawyer in order to have a perfect information of the claims that can be issued, and thus avoid concluding a transaction under which you would be injured.



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In 2023, In Extenso Avocats has 50 employees including 22 associate lawyers and 21 lawyers and lawyers in collaboration who accompany on a daily basis VSEs, SMEs, liberal professions, communities, associations and foundations, executives and individuals in advice and litigation.

Our law firms, multidisciplinary, intervene in social law, tax, business law, real estate, civil law and international law. Some of them have more specific activities in public law, environmental law, insurance law, sports law and hotel-tourism-restaurant law.


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In Extenso Avocats brings together legal advice experts around common values who help companies (VSE, SME, ETI and large groups), associations, foundations, liberal professions, public authorities and more broadly all decision makers, to secure, manage and optimize their activity. Our lawyers also intervene in litigation to ensure the defense of the interests of their clients before the courts and jurisdictions concerned. Consulting subsidiary of the In Extenso group, French leader in accounting for small businesses and SMEs, In Extenso Avocats is a network of interprofessional business law firms combining legal professionals and professionals of the figure for a 360° support of companies and individuals.

Multidisciplinary, In Extenso Avocats helps its clients, all sectors of activity combined in multiple areas of law such as business law, commercial law, tax law, labour law and social protection, real estate and construction law, urban planning and regional planning law, environmental law, public law, intellectual property law including certified expertise in GDPR, family and heritage law and international law. Our lawyers are also recognized as experts in specific sectors of activity such as hospitality, catering, tourism or sports.

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