Public law and public authorities

Whether assisting public authorities and civil servants, or public and private economic agencies, our practice covers all areas of public law.

The firm assists in providing a legally secure framework for projects on behalf of public authorities and public officials.

Our practice areas in public law

  • Representation and assistance in litigation
  • Managerial support for civil servants
  • Financial and budgetary advice
  • Advice on enhancement of financial assets
  • Assistance with management of public or private land
  • Legal engineering of tendering procedures
  • Follow-up of tenders submitted by private bidders
We have provided support on issues related to local authorities, public officials and public procurement for more than 30 years.
Our areas of practice areas include:

Public authorities and civil servants

Our lawyers represent public agencies and public officials in proceedings involving public liability, challenges to decisions or electoral law.

We also support public and private stakeholders in the management and development of their real estate assets, pre-emption procedures and expropriation procedures.

The lawyers
in public law

Our lawyers advise public-sector stakeholders throughout the management of their economic affairs, as well as in legal engineering of legal tendering procedures, right through to the final decision.

Our lawyers will use their skills and experience to ensure the legal security of your projects, whether in matters of applying for state or local government aid, carrying out public works, public procurement procedures, public service delegations or concessions.

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