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Joining In Extenso Avocats means being part of a fast-growing network that now includes nearly 45 lawyers and jurists located in the Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est, Ile-de-France, Pays de la Loire, in Occitania and the southern region.

Our teams operate throughout the country and support economic players and individuals in consulting and litigation.

Why join In Extenso Avocats

Our multi-disciplinary teams operate within a interprofessional framework structured with the In Extenso group, a leader inaccounting and consulting to business leaders in France.

Our Goal

Propose to our customers, VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, investment funds, associations, professionals, local authorities, executives and individuals, support at 360° meeting all their challenges regardless of their sector of activity and their problems.

Our strength is multidisciplinary

To do this, our lawyers and lawyers are involved in legal and judicial matters in a plurality of fields with an international clientele: corporate law, business law, social law, tax, real estate law, international law, public law, environmental law, insurance law, human rights, intellectual property law, GDPR with more specific interventions in the hospitality, tourism and catering sectors.

Joining In Extenso Avocats is …

  • Benefit from a rich multidisciplinary environment
  • Participate in the development of a growing network
  • Manage varied files, both in terms of issues encountered and their scope
  • Be part of a national network with a strong and recognized brand and corporate culture
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What makes us different

Multidisciplinary, our network of business law firms is interprofessional. We work in close collaboration with all the expertise present within the In Extenso group which allows our clients to benefit from a single, multi-interlocutor, to support them in their creation projects, development, management or transmission, whatever their sector of activity and the size of their company.

As a human-sized local network, our teams provide advice and litigation to all decision-makers, public authorities and individuals throughout France.


ce qui fait notre différence

In Extenso Avocats rassemble autour de valeurs communes des experts en conseil juridique qui aident les entreprises (TPE, PME, ETI et grands groupes), les associations, les fondations, les professions libérales, les collectivités publiques et plus largement tous les décideurs, à sécuriser, piloter et optimiser leur activité. Nos avocats interviennent également en cas de contentieux pour assurer la défense des intérêts de leurs clients auprès des tribunaux et juridictions concernées. Filiale conseil du groupe In Extenso, leader français de l’expertise-comptable pour les TPE et les PME, In Extenso Avocats est un réseau de cabinets d’avocats d’affaires interprofessionnel alliant les professionnels du droit et les professionnels du chiffre pour un accompagnement à 360° des entreprises et des particuliers.

Pluridisciplinaire, In Extenso Avocats aide ses clients, tous secteurs d’activité confondus dans de multiples domaines de droit tels que le droit des affaires, le droit commercial, le droit fiscal, le droit du travail et de la protection sociale, le droit immobilier et de la construction, le droit de l’urbanisme et de l’aménagement du territoire, le droit de l’environnement, le droit public, le droit de la propriété intellectuelle incluant une expertise certifiée en RGPD, le droit de la famille et du patrimoine et le droit international. Nos avocats sont également reconnus comme experts de secteurs d’activité spécifiques tels que l’hôtellerie, la restauration, le tourisme ou le sport.

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