Public law

Our specialist lawyers are able to work in all areas of public law, as well as with all public sector operators. From assisting public authorities and agents to advising public entities and private companies, In Extenso Avocats makes full use of its multi-skilled network to meet client expectations.

Drawing on the experience of our teams, we study each case with the best legal and litigation strategy in mind.

The quest for efficiency and greatest possible legal security is the objective set for each member of our team, and it can be preferable to favour confidential negotiations protected by the obligation of professional secrecy over the traditional court route. This is why our practice does everything possible to best serve the interests of our clients. We consider all aspects of the cases entrusted to us to enable both public and private sector clients to make the right decision.

Our lawyers generally advise the following actors and in the following fields:

Public authorities and public sector agents

In Extenso Avocats puts its skills to use for public authorities and public sector agents. Our teams assist public authorities in project preparation and decision-making by helping draft legislative acts. We also intervene with regard to administration policy, the granting of subsidiaries or inter-municipal cooperation.

Beyond the purely legal aspects, our lawyers also look at the political, economic and social context of each client, so as to provide the most appropriate and practical response. With high consideration for the stakes and consequences of public sector action, our litigation lawyers defend clients in liability cases (elected officials, agents, authorities) and electoral dispute cases, as well as representing them in the Regional Chamber of Accounts with regard to administrative, expropriation and financial issues resulting from their day-to-day activities.

Drawing on their skills, our lawyers also offer comprehensive management assistance to public sector agents, whether this be job creation, integration, reintegration of agents, salaries and promotion, or issues regarding diploma equivalence and the pooling of public sector services.

If need be, the practice handling the case can provide legal representation during disciplinary hearings (dismissals, sanctions) and defend in the event of moral or sexual harassment, discrimination and challenging the refusal of long-term sick leave, long-term leave or promotion.

Along with our accounting partners specialised in public finance, In Extenso Avocats also advises on budgetary matters, bank loans and subsidies.

In addition, we advise public and private actors in managing land assets and enhancing their value. Our experienced and reactive lawyers offer advice in implementing procedures governing pre-emption (instigation, acquisition, negotiation and contestation) and expropriation (drafting the DPU – Declaration of Public Utility, compensation for expropriation, administrative emphyteutic leases, contesting the DPU and expropriation, etc.).

To best serve our clients’ interests, our lawyers offer advice on managing public or private property (delimitation, occupation, expulsion, various types of leases, etc.), with the goal of enhancing real estate value by leveraging the multidisciplinary nature of the In Extenso network.

Town and country planning

Fully aware of the economic, social and environmental challenges involved in town and country planning and the high rate of litigation in the field, our experienced lawyers provide public sector and private clients with a comprehensive service offer.


In the public sector, we serve our clients’ interests by monitoring and supporting decision-making on all planning issues, whether this be preparing planning documents (local urban plans, local inter-communal urban plans, territorial coherence schemes), advising on operational urban planning (subdivisions, real estate development operations) or advising on and monitoring complex issues such as port developments, retail parks, development zones (ZAC) and fire or flood risk prevention plans.

Our specialist lawyers also assist private clients in urban planning procedures, from preparing building permit applications (prior notifications, building permits, development permits, etc.) to defending the decision granted or contesting a refusal.

Public procurement and administrative contracts

Public authorities have recourse to public procurement, whether in the form of a tender or not, and bids from private operators must comply with the principles of public procurement if they hope to win the business. With this in mind, our lawyers advise public clients on managing their business affairs and assist in preparing legal tendering procedures right up until the final decision.

Whether it be soliciting government or local subsidiaries or ensuring the execution of public works, public tenders, public service delegations or concessions, our lawyers leverage their skills and expertise to ensure the legal security of projects. Drawing on their experience, the teams in charge of the case also monitor bids issued by private operators, from the submission of the application to challenging contract awards. Our wide-reaching experience with public authorities means our specialists are highly reactive and efficient when it comes to supervising and contesting public procurement procedures.

In Extenso Avocats thus offers a one-stop shop for optimal service. From consulting to litigation, we call on all our skills to provide safe and tangible solutions for each and every public sector client.

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