Sandie Theolas

Partner - Lille

Sandie Theolas is a Partner in Intellectual Property and Digital Law at In Extenso Avocats Nord-de-France.

Registered at the Lille Bar, Sandie Theolas is involved in consulting and litigation with VSEs, SMEs, creators or independent artists, and supports them in the implementation of a strategy to protect innovations and start-ups.

Its main areas of intervention:

  • Intellectual Property : prior art search, filing of trademarks, litigation before the ‘INPI and the EUIPO and courts of law
  • Literary and Artistic Property: writing intellectual property contracts, litigation
  • Privacy: drafting of an assignment contract for image rights, e-reputation
  • Digital: writing IT contracts, securing software development projects, etc.
  • Personal Data: privacy policy, compliance with GDPR
  • Intellectual property law - GDPR
  • Droit de la propriété littéraire et artistique
  • Droit du numérique
  • Droit de la communication

Sandie is in charge of the Immaterial and Digital department of the Lille firm, dedicated to support business creators and managers on all the legal issues that mark each creative or innovative project, from its conception to its deployment. It also ensures the compliance of its customers with the GDPR in Lille.

Lawyer for 10 years, she has learned from her experience in Lille business firms of various sizes, a thorough knowledge of the company and its needs in terms of valuing intangible assets and protecting them.

In addition to her consulting activity, she has been sharing her knowledge and passion for her fields of intervention with students, particularly in intellectual property and communication law.

In May 2023, she joined In Extenso Avocats as a partner.

  • Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer
  • Master II – Intellectual Property and Digital Business Law (Université de Paris-Saclay)
  • Master I – Business and Enterprise Law (University of Montpellier)


T.+33(0)6 23 76 04 84


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