Olivier Charpentier-Stoloff


Olivier Charpentier-Stoloff specializes in tax and customs law at the Paris & Ile-de-France firm.

For more than 25 years, Olivier Charpentier-Stoloff has been providing support and advice to companies and individuals on tax law and wealth management issues.

His objective is to secure and provide companies and their management with tax options, to ensure their feasibility and their consistency with the overall operational objectives.

Olivier also assists individuals in the management of their personal assets, which includes ensuring their transfer and tax optimization according to the client’s preferences.

He also assists at all stages of tax litigation procedures, from tax audits to appeals before the courts.

  • Tax law
  • Family law and probate law

Before entering private practice, Olivier Charpentier-Stoloff was a director of tax at Eurotunnel and Eurodisney.

  • DESS in Business Law and Taxation of Paris-II Assas-Panthéon
  • Lawyer with specialization in tax and customs law



T.+33(0)1 72 29 61 00


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