Environmental law

Our team of specialist lawyers offers expertise in general environmental law, as well coastal, marine, waste, water, forest and industrial legislation.

The primary goal of our teams is to support, assist and defend operators, whether they be public or private companies, public institutions, local authorities, individuals or environmental protection associations.

Our teams offer tailor-made legal analysis with regard to all our clients’ environmental activities. Engaging the services of In Extenso Avocats means obtaining a clear-cut response to the complexity and changing nature of environmental legislation (French Coastlines Act, French Mountain Law, Grenelle Laws I and II, Natura 2000 law, etc.). It also means offering a global solution – drawing on our multidisciplinary network of consultants, geometric experts, etc. – to resolve intricate cases.

Leveraging our experience with local authorities, In Extenso Avocats also assists clients in efforts to create classified facilities, implement public enquires, conduct impact studies, draw up general protection schemes or develop and enhance a particular site.

Our objective is to serve clients as best we can, and the skilled analysis of our lawyers enables us gain a real understanding of each and every case. Using all the means at their disposal, our lawyers – who benefit from the possibility to conduct negotiations protected by the obligation of professional secrecy – offer efficiency and discretion.

With our clients’ agreement and under their control, we may seek a transactional solution – sometimes more in line with reality. These social, economic, or even political, issues pertaining to a project or situation are considered and integrated when determining the objectives that we set together with our clients.

If necessary, our lawyers can assist and represent clients before administrative, civil and criminal courts and any other judicial or arbitral body, particularly in the event of pollution or damage to a site. On a case-by-case basis, we are at our client’s side if an environmental crises emerges (writing press releases, for example), and can call on a partner public relations agency, if necessary.

Our vocation is to offer advice and legal security. Whether a private or public actor, In Extenso Avocats guarantees consistent support, reliable legal analysis and optimal defense thanks to the formation of teams made up of multidisciplinary specialists.

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