Code of Ethics

In Extenso Avocats’ Code of Ethics

Members of the In Extenso Avocats network are guided by the underlying principles of the profession – dignity, conscience, independence, probity, humanity, etc. – that determine a lawyer’s behaviour in all circumstances.

In their practice, our lawyers also adhere to the principles of honour, loyalty, fraternity, delicacy, moderation and courtesy, as well as demonstrating competence, dedication, diligence and prudence towards clients.

Our lawyers undertake to observe all rules pertaining to confidentiality, discretion and security to which they are subject, in particular by the provisions of the amended law of 31 December 1971 reforming the judicial and legal professions.

Beyond these fundamental principles, In Extenso Avocats’ values are respect for confidentiality, excellence, attentiveness and client support.

Respect for confidentiality

Respect for confidentiality means that our clients can engage in full and honest discussions with their lawyer, who in turn will offer tailor-made advice and defence, or securely conduct negotiations.


Excellence is a core value that we cultivate through rigorously organising the skills of each of our members around complementary practices and specialities, and by the permanent monitoring of the latest legal, regulatory and jurisprudential developments.


Attentiveness is essential to the proper understanding of our clients’ requirements, meaning that our lawyers are always on hand to advise.

Client support

Client support is about being honest with our clients so that they understand the issues, consequences and choices available to them and have full knowledge of the facts. It means giving them all the information on the steps taken on their behalf, in real time. Client support is based on a mastery of the law and legal procedures to meet client expectations.

It is by striving to combine these four values that In Extenso Avocats network members have been able to develop a closer and stronger client relationship.

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